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Delivery safety during Covid-19: What the last year has taught us.

Posted on: June 28th, 2021

This time last year, we were all quarantined in our homes, so delivery became a huge part of our lives. We were having everything delivered. And then when it got to our homes, we were cleaning up boxes and any items we received. We have become so used to deliveries now that an Alarm.com survey showed that as of today, the average person is still receiving 10 home deliveries a month which is a huge increase from the average 6 pre-pandemic.

Here are some more interesting facts from Alarm.com on deliveries over the last year:

When it comes to safety, we are still very concerned. The pandemic taught us that people not only are increasingly stealing packages, but we are certainly concerned that they might be posing as delivery folks to get access to our homes.

Want to manage your deliveries better and safer?

As we look at these statistics, our concerns for safety have never changed. As a matter of fact, we have become more aware. Why not consider a Touchless Video Doorbell to go with your Alcom Security System? You can be anywhere and still know who is at your door and when deliveries have been made. Our app makes it easy to manage and communicate with your visitors from the convenience of your home or if you are back in the office.

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