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Making Halloween Safe for your Family During Covid-19

Posted on: October 20th, 2020

It’s that time of year! This is probably at the top of the list when it comes to holidays. Getting to dress up as your favorite character. Visiting all your friends and neighbors for a good time showing off your costume. Eating so much candy you could burst, and that’s just the adults! Then enter Covid-19.

This has been a tough year for all of us and the kids are no exception. While there has not been a solid restriction on if you should trick-or-treat in neighborhoods, many will not be participating. So, what do you do then? In our previous article, we featured a father who decided he and his family will participate by putting together a creative candy shoot. Here are some ideas for still making Halloween fun for your family.

  1. Check with your HOA and neighbors: Find out what the plans are. Your HOA or even neighbors might have other plans for Halloween. Some neighborhoods could decide that it’s okay to trick-or-treat. Just check there first.
  2. Wear masks: Should you opt to trick or treat, try to incorporate a mask in the costume. There are a lot of characters that have masks. You can even decorate them. Make the odd change fun for them. Also, if you decide to pass out candy from your home, be sure to wear a mask and follow CDC guidelines.
  3. Wipe down candy: Some parents are opting to still trick-or-treat but are wiping down the candy in wrappers before giving them to their children. Just an extra step to make everyone feel better about the crisis at hand.
  4. Decorate the house: You can still decorate! Get your porch and windows Halloween ready. Friends and neighbors can still enjoy it while walking by.
  5. Outdoor events: This year, you will likely see more outdoor events, even drive-thru Halloween events. Check the Oklahoma Gazette for upcoming events. They usually have a detailed list of what’s going on for Halloween.
  6. Keep it indoors: The best way to keep your kids safe is to keep them home. That’s easier said than done but make it FUN with these ideas:
    1. Have them dress up like they would going out.
    2. Make sure you have some crafts on hand. Pinterest to the rescue!
    3. Watch a fun Halloween movie. Home Theater Pros will help you design and install the home theater of your dreams.
    4. Turn it into a fun baking experience. There are all kinds of fun baking projects you can do with kids. Pinterest has some great ideas. I’m personally eyeballing the Cauldron Cupcakes. Get it… eye balling.

While we have to modify our lives a bit, we can still enjoy the holidays. There is no wrong or right way to enjoy it. Do what you feel is the most comfortable for you and your family while respecting others decisions. If we make sure that we convey to our kids it’s okay and still fun, they will have fun.

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