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Making your cannabis business security smarter with AI software

Posted on: April 22nd, 2021

Because of the nature of the business, local and state governments have put strict measurements in place for cannabis businesses. And because restrictions can change from city to jurisdiction, it can be hard to know exactly what to do.

Making sure your cameras are properly placed are very important for compliance. There has to be an unobstructed view of everyone on the property. Anywhere there is product being handled, there has to be cameras. So, if you think about all the areas your product is, even in parking lots and trash areas, there has to be cameras. That is a lot of cameras. Also, most jurisdictions require 24/7 monitoring so that adds another level of security needs and challenges.

False alarms are kind of a natural issue you have with security systems. In a grow facility where everything is usually open air, you’re going to likely have your share or random triggers. This can take a considerable amount of time when monitoring if you don’t get this under control. AI software can help improve the monitoring process.

In a nutshell, AI software gathers information about various people, animals, vehicles and etc. As it is “trained” the people on the other end can help correct mistakes that the software may be making and it becomes smarter. You can drop-in all your cameras and their locations and overall monitor them. The AI software will in the end help eliminate false alarms as it picks up on things like animals moving about the property.

AI software can help you build confidence in your security monitoring system.

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