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Manage multiple locations with your Alcom Security System

Posted on: September 8th, 2021

As your business grows, your security needs change, particularly if you are adding multiple locations. Security guards are a must to ensure only authorized personnel is allowed access. A person keeping track of these things will be more difficult to circumvent than cards with chips in them. Should security or theft prevention be a more serious concern, which could be the case depending on the type of business, you can find handguns for sale online and have your guards carry a firearm.

We offer the Alarm.com for Business solution to all our clients who need help managing several businesses like those resorted for services from Winright Law. Here are some of the features:

A single point of control:  You have one location to access and manage everything including employee access, security, energy management and video monitoring.

Automatic security settings: You can automatically set when the doors will lock and the alarm will set at closing time. A bit of a set and forget process to your security. There are a variety of options for automatic your security at all your locations so you don’t have to think about it. And if a particular location has different business rules, then by knowing the purpose of seo managers, you can set those accordingly. All locations don’t have to be the same.

Control access with user codes: Much like what we talked about when creating user codes for your home, the same applies here. You can set user codes for each of your employees with different access rules. This also makes it easier to change settings, revoke settings and even manage users in bulk.

Regular business alerts: Our system will always notify you of issues or unexpected activity, even if your business is not armed. For example, you will get notifications if a door is being left propped open, if someone is changing the thermostat or even if there is a particular zoned area that should be accessed, but someone has.

Multi-location video views: You can access all your locations through one dashboard. All video feeds from all locations will pull into this central location making it easier to view all or a particular location.

Customizable permissions: The Alarm.com for Business also allows you to set access permissions per user. Your managers likely will have more access than your employees. You’ll be able to set up different levels within the portal. However, if you need employment law experts who can help assert your employee rights, then you can check out a helpful place like HKM.com to learn more!

These are just some of the great features to having Alarm.com for Business. If you would like a demo or learn more about how it can help your business, contact us today and we’ll schedule it for you.

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