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Call Center

Your Call for Help Is Our Central Focus

The second your system is triggered, we take action.

What’s the point of home or business security if it’s not ready to protect you no matter when you need it? Our monitoring centers are staffed 24/7 with zero delay so you get response in seconds, not minutes. Because it’s not just about technology – it’s about life safety. It’s about protecting your family.

Our hundreds of dispatch agents are watching and waiting. When your signal comes in, they alert authorities and/or contact you. We keep you fully informed in the wake of a breach in your security system.

We employ the latest in telephone technology and our Quality Assurance Teams monitor calls to ensure quick, accurate, and professional service.

Our call centers are the heart of our operation. All the advanced home security tech in the world doesn’t mean much if there’s no one on the other end committed to your safety. From the day we opened the doors at Alcom Security, that commitment has been our core. In order to honor that commitment day in and day out, all of our centers are UL listed for fire and burglary. Even more than that, we train each and every dispatch agent to our high standards of response and service.

You are always the most important person we serve – your safety always the most paramount.

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