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30+ Years

Protecting Oklahoma

Keeping Our Community Safe

Oklahoma is home for us. We started here, grew here, and this is where we’re proud to stay. We have no interest in becoming a security tech giant – that’s just not our bag. By staying “small” we give ourselves the opportunities that matter most to us – keeping the people we love in the state we adore safe and secure. What’s more, we get the added bonus of granular quality control that means we can offer you top-notch security and service at hometown prices. And we think that’s pretty cool.

Hanging Our Hat on Your Safety

Keeping you safe is what we’re all about. We’re committed to the safety of your home, the safety of your business, the safety of your lives. It’s not about scare tactics for us. No one needs a reminder of what a frightening place the world can be at times. In fact, for us it’s the opposite. If our systems can provide you with a little more relaxation, one less thing to worry about (or five), and a fuller heart at the knowledge that someone’s looking out for you all the time, we’re doing it right.

We hang our hat on your safety because we know we can care for it better than the rest. Our response centers act in seconds, not minutes, and we know that when it comes to home and business security systems, that can mean the difference between a close call and a terrifying experience.

Trained for Times of Need

It’s like we said – it’s not just the cameras or the gadgets for us. It’s what they allow us to provide. We’re trained to protect you from burglaries and break-ins, yes, but we’re also trained to protect you from fires, carbon monoxide, and flood risks as well. We’ve seen it all, we’ve trained for it all, and we’re ready for it all. Our licensed professionals all adhere to our strict standards of excellence in training, skills, and service.

When you trust your security to Alcom, you’re trusting a neighbor, a friend, and a professional team that has your back and is extremely proud of it.


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