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Our History

At 20 years old I was searching for jobs.

I was lucky enough to secure a full time position with a National Security System Company. I started as a technician and worked through the company to Core Commercial Sales Manager. In that role, I had a number of employees reporting directly to me. I was driven, my sales team was awesome and we sold a lot of systems and our customers loved the company philosophy. While working for this major company, leading a sales crew and profiting the company largely, I realized that I needed to take better care of the customer. Because of my desire to be more dedicated to customers and service focused after the sale, so born was Alcom Security Systems, LLC.

In 1992, three former alarm company employees, with the same goal of customer focus, took a leap of faith and started this company. A few years into the business, one partner saw his vision going in another direction and sold out to the two remaining partners.

Alcom grew its’ focus on service and small business design was what customer’s wanted. They could easily call Alcom and could speak to a real person, they could receive the service they needed, many times within the same day. Because of the attention to their needs, Alcom is trusted by its customers and continues to be today. Many years later one partner sold to the remaining partner and retired. The remaining partner is me.

The focus for Alcom remains the same: the customer and priority service to the customer. In this day of technology, you can still call Alcom and reach a real person. You can still receive in person service, many times the same day and most of all, Alcom continues to be a trusted security company by its customers.

Sincerely, Mike McKinney

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