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Improving construction site security

Posted on: November 2nd, 2021

As a construction project manager, you are responsible for the planning and assessing the risks for your construction project. In planning, this includes all materials such as tools, machinery and anything that you might need during the process. The other thing you have to consider is securing those items after hours. Since Covid-19, prices for construction items have increased making it a prime target for theft. Consider some of these numbers when it comes to construction theft.

Senior new home builders NSW has stated that when thinking about the construction site and keeping it secure, you have to think about the potential for:

What do all these have in common in order for them to happen? It’s security.

How easy is it for anyone to access the construction site after hours? Security is a very important and sometimes overlooked item. We have seen many construction sites that are wide open with no dedicated security in place.

An option to consider is remote perimeter security or a virtual guard. You could have a dedicated security guard on site but it can become costly. And too, they can’t be in all places at once. If you use remote security, there are many advantages to it.

  1. Cameras placed strategically around the area allows for a full view of the entire area.
  2. Live personalized audio warnings can be sounded when someone is detected on the property which in return can deter the criminal.
  3. The use of AI software along with a real person verifying threats and taking the next steps.
  4. High-definition footage that is recorded at all times so that you can use it if needed.
  5. Detailed incident reports so you know exactly what has been happening and when.

Just tightening up the security on your job site can greatly reduce the loss of property and reduce after hours injuries from unwelcome visitors.

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