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It’s still hot in Oklahoma. Let’s keep our furry friends safe too.

Posted on: September 24th, 2020

We are approaching October and it’s still hot in Oklahoma. Your pets count on you to keep them safe and comfortable in the elements. If you have outdoor pets, there are some things to consider;

  1. Shelter: Have a nice, covered area where your pets can go. This could be in the shape of a doghouse or a barn for larger animals. Now some pets won’t go into shelter, I’ve seen it before, but make it available for them.
  2. Pets get sunburned: You heard us right. Your pets can get a sunburn. That’s even more reason to make sure there is a shaded and covered area for them to go to. Going to the lake or beach? Maybe consider leaving your pet at home. If you decide to take them to the lake or on your outdoor excursions, make sure you have their skin protected. You can purchase a sunscreen made especially for pets. Don’t use human sunscreen. If your pet will allow it, consider a hat. Go the extra step to protect your pet like you would yourself or your children.
  3. Avoid the pavement: When having your pets out for a walk, be careful with the time of day and the temperature. Pavement, particularly asphalt can get extremely hot. You’ve seen examples where people fry eggs on the sidewalk. Think about your pets feet. You can bring serious damage and injury to your pets. Don’t walk them during the heat of the day, especially on pavement. If you have any doubt, reach down and hold your hand on the pavement for 10 seconds or so to check the temperature. But middle of the day in the hot Oklahoma sun is a bad idea.
  4. Water: Water is so important for outdoor pets. Just like the shelter, your pets water should be in the shade. Water can heat up quickly in the summer sun so shade will help slow the process down. It’s good to check their bowl at least twice a day – before and after work. Avoid steel bowls. Those will heat up twice as fast as a plastic bowl. Consider using a big enough bucket so that the water will last. Also think about your dogs movements because they could knock it over. So make sure it’s in a place that it can’t be tipped over.
  5. Flea and ticks: Oklahoma is no stranger to fleas and ticks. Using a monthly flea and tick solution or collar will keep your pet protected. Fleas and ticks carry a variety of diseases that can make your dog sick. Mosquitos lead to heartworms and heartworms can then be expensive to treat. Finding a solution that covers all three is a win-win for you and your pet. You can find these items easily at your local Petsmart or you can have it delivered to your home by someone like Chewy.

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