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Grilling tips for a safe Labor Day weekend

Posted on: August 10th, 2021

You got a 3-day weekend coming up! If you’re not going out of town to the beach somewhere, you’re likely going to be grilling with your family and friends. Whenever fire will be involved, it would be best to keep safety in mind as much as you can. Having at least one fire extinguisher equipment nearby, and undergoing fire extinguisher training to ensure you can operate it as effectively as possible, during an emergency is a good way to accomplish this. In addition to getting fire extinguishers, here are some quick tips and friendly reminders provided by the National Fire Protection Association.

    1. Dispose of charcoals properly. KFOR 4 in Oklahoma City reported on a story in May about a home being destroyed due to improper disposal of hot charcoals. Coals can take a very long time to be put out. They recommend putting them into a metal container before throwing them out.
    2. Always check your propane tanks for leaks before grilling for the first time each year. The best way to check for leaks is to use a light soap and water mixture that you apply to the hose. If there is a propane leak, you’ll see bubbles. If there is a gas leak, you will likely also smell the gas along with seeing bubbles. At that point, turn off the gas and have it repaired, or you may need to get a new grill.
    3. Don’t grill too close to the house. Many people have their grill station set up close to the house. It is recommended that you pull your grill out away from the house and out from under your deck. Reading the articles by https://appliancehunter.co.uk/ can help you choose a grill and get grilling tips.
    4. Be cautious when starting charcoal grills. It is recommended to use charcoal chimney starters where you use newspaper as fuel. If you use starter fluid, make sure to use charcoal starter fluid only. Another option is electric charcoal starters because they don’t use fire.
    5. Clean your grills after use. Once you’ve finished grilling, be sure to remove any excess grease or buildup from the grill and grill trays.

These are just some of the great tips offered up by the NFPA. You can see more safety tips online.

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