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Oklahoma winters are brutal. Let Alcom Security help.

Posted on: March 9th, 2021

Mid-February was brutal here in Oklahoma. Temperatures got down to negative degrees in the middle of the month. Consider what a smart home provided through Alcom Security can do for you and your family.

Smart Water Valve + Meter: Avoid busted pipes and issues, like the one addressed by the trusted Portland plumbers, by adding the Smart Water Valve + Meter. You can diagnose the origin & problem causing your frozen or burst pipes with the help of a plumbing expert like this plumber in plainfield.

The cutting-edge technology built into this will not only notify you if a pipe is busted or if you have a leak, but it will also turn them off automatically. Because it’s installed at your water source, its built-in intelligence can respond to drips and leaks quickly. You will get notifications via your smart home app when issues are found and when they’ve been resolved by the system. You can learn more and discover this info here.

Smart Thermostat: Our smart thermostat is Energy Star Certified and can help you save between 9 and 16% on your energy bills. We are able to do this by placing in different rooms of your home, wireless temperature sensors, that will actively look for ways to save you energy and make adjustments accordingly. You can also give verbal commands to your smart thermostat to make adjustments to the temperature on the fly.

Smart Home Security Camera: Cameras around your home helps you visually monitor when people come on your property. You will be notified by our app when the cameras are triggered. Another benefit is the smart light capability. Lights can be triggered to go off when motion is detected around your home. But the smart home security lights go further than just a light going off when motion goes by it. We can also program other lights to go on as well that can be done by hiring the garage door repair houston sevices. For example, you can trigger your bedroom light to come on as well to make it appear someone is home if an outside light goes off. There are a lot of options and combinations you can get out of a smart home security camera.

Smart Home Smoke Detectors: When most of the people prefer repairing a home furnace to ensure safety this is another important piece to the Alcom Security System, particularly in these winter months. We are running our heaters non-stop. Some of which are gas. We’re also burning in our fireplaces. These smart smoke detectors can monitor your home for fire as well as carbon monoxide. It will turn on the lights so you and your family can quickly get out of the home and it will also turn off your HVAC system to prevent smoke and fumes from spreading through the house. Lastly it will get 911 contacted so fire services can get to your home.

These are just a few examples of how a smart home security system can do more than provide protection from criminals. Our professional installers can help you get the most out of your security system. Contact us at (405) 732-9000 and we’ll help you determine what your home might need.

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