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Outdoor Lighting for Security and Home Improvement

Posted on: June 12th, 2020

This time of year, many people are focusing on their home improvement projects. Outdoor lighting and renovation service for houses can really make your space visually beautiful at night. Another benefit to outdoor lighting is the added security it can provide as well. If you consider ways to lighten up your space at night, it can be a deterrent to criminals.

Along with this, you should also consider installing screens for windows (you can buy them here https://forbrukerguiden.no/solskjerming/) getting a lock for the inside of your cellar door or other exterior doors as well as removing anything from your windows that might make it easier to get into your home.

Here are some ideas for ways to do that.

Motion Lights

Motion sensor lights are an easy-to-install option for your home. You can purchase them from places like Wal-mart to Home Depot. Depending on the size of your space, they come in a variety of ranges, meaning you can set them to trigger from 20 ft away to 70 ft away. Another no-fuss option are the solar powered lights. These are easy because you don’t need to do anything with the wiring. You mount a solar panel attached to your light and that’s it. They make them very simple to install. Put a motion sensor light toward the end of your home where you park your car, and it will activate if someone should be lingering around your vehicle at night. If you have a storage building in your back yard, it’s a good idea to set up a light on a corner near the door.

Walk way or path lights

Not only are path lights beautiful at night, but they are also great for safety. Path lights are pretty inexpensive and come in a variety of designs. Most of your path way lights are going to be solar powered and some are even motion sensing. In a nutshell, you stick them in the ground along the driveway or walkway and let the sun do the rest. If you have an uneven or long sidewalk, having path lights will help light the way to your door and could help with avoiding tripping hazards.

Landscape flood lights

Like walk way lights, landscape lights can add more to your home. Strategically placed around shrubbery or windows, it can also hinder peeping toms and lurkers from snooping around. Like many of the lighting options we’ve talked about, they can also come in wired and solar formats. In addition, installing Ahwatukee Window Tint will limit the view into your home from the exterior and offer your ultimate privacy from the people outside.

Apartment Living Options

It gets a little bit trickier to set up lighting when you live in an apartment. Depending on your set-up, you might not be able to do a whole lot with the lighting, as is explained here. Before taking on anything major, speak with your complex manager to see what they allow. In the meantime, here are a couple of simple and easy things you can do.

Lamp and light timers

We encourage everyone to set-up a lamp or light timer, particularly when you are out of town. Even in an apartment, criminals look for people that aren’t at home. If your apartment is set-up in a way where there is not a lot of outdoor lighting, making sure a lamp within your home kicks-on at a certain time, can give the illusion that someone is at home and can discourage a would-be criminal.

Dusk to dawn light bulbs

If you have an outdoor light outside of your door that you can control, a dusk to dawn light is a very inexpensive security option. They make all kinds of variations of brightness to fit your needs. You can also set one of these up on your backdoor patio as well.

Lights in potted plants

Another option is making use of path way lights in potted plants. Again, depending on your space, you can take an oversized planter and insert a pathway light. I recently saw this done in an apartment complex and not only was it beautiful but it gave you that added benefit of light around the patio door.

Speaking of which, here is a link – Drain Clogs And Camera Pipeline Inspections: What, Why, And When? – that can help you find some more useful house renovation and remodeling information.

Outdoor lights can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. The main point is that the more your space is lit up at night, the more it can make a criminal think before snooping around your home. Tie that in with your Alcom Security Package, and you got a solid plan. There are tons of low cost and easy to do options. Just do your research and browse around popular DIY sites for ideas. Here are some quick resources you can use to look at available options.

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