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Self-Install Home Security System

Posted on: May 8th, 2020

Introducing our latest convenience product: the Self-Install Home Security System. Does that terminology give you a hint of anxiety? Many of you may question your ability to DIY anything, let alone a high-tech job like this. However, FEAR NOT—gone are the days of headache, confusion and struggle. At Alcom, our goal is to turn the cons of traditional DIY into PROS. Say hello to a new age of do-it-yourself projects with our innovative form of self-installation. 

Our Self-Install Home Security System is our solution for an easy self-service way to protect homes and control smart devices. It is the furthest thing from difficult by any means. With our Self-Install program, we personally assist you in designing a system that perfectly fits your needs. We do all the programming at our office before shipping the various parts to you. This way, you simply plug it in, remove the plastic cover from the double-sided tape, and put up the sensors. On top of this, an installation guide comes with every Self-Install purchase so that you can effortlessly finish the final touches on your new home security system. None of the hard stuff is on you, plus our techs are available 24/7 to assist and walk through problems if any arise.

There is no need to worry if choosing to go the Self-Install route will result in a lack of quality. A huge part of our mission at Alcom is to provide and maintain the highest satisfaction possible in our services. To ensure that is accurate, the equipment we use in this package is the EXACT same as what’s used with our professional installations with the option to load your panel with any of the features we offer including smart locks, smart lights, overhead garage door openers and others.

If you’re thinking about going the DIY route for your home security needs, we offer a competitive $99.00 upfront for the cost of the equipment and only require agreement to a 12-month contract (versus the typical 36-48 months most companies demand). Alcom is determined to provide customers with top notch security and customer service in every way possible.

If you’re interested in joining our family through the Self-Install program, give us a call at (405) 732-9000 speak to a representative.

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