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Why you should consider a smart home solution

Posted on: December 7th, 2020

Alarm systems and home security have come a long way. In comes smart homes. Parks and Associates conducted a consumer study that shows an increased purchase of smart home devices starting in 2019. The chart below shows that many homes own 3 or more smart home devices.

Graph of the Parks and Associates conducted a consumer study that shows an increased purchase of smart home devices starting in 2019.

With the invention of the smart phone and the advancement in alarm technology, we now have the ability to sync up many things within our home from our refrigerator to our home security cameras and access them easily from an app. Forget to turn on your porch light? Yep. A smart home solution can help with that. as well as having security roller shutters Melbourne installing shutters in all your windows.

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So what are some of the benefits?

Added security – Before you just had to rely on a call from your security company telling you that your alarm is going off. Smart Homes are always on and ready. Now an app can quickly notify you of activity on a camera. It can also let you know if a door or window has been opened. If you forget to turn on your lights, your connected smart home, can turn on those lights for you. No matter where you are, you can get that additional security at the touch of a button. This especially important if you want to become a successful real estate investor.

It’s easy to use and manage – With our Smart Home Security system, we connect it to our mobile app so you can see what’s going on at any time. Our bold app interface makes it easy to navigate so you can access things like thermostat, lights, your garage. Even some of the smart garages and normal garages (visit here for information) can be controlled by our app. You can also check here  for garage door repair in North Vancouver click here

Your home is remotely accessible – Back in the day, if you forgot to set your home alarm, you either had to drive back home and activate it or you just skipped it. With the app, again, accessing your smart home system is easy. You can arm it from anywhere if you forget. With remote monitoring, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly even when you’re not around.

Professional Monitoring – All our systems are professionally monitored. At anytime there is an emergency, we contact the authorities first. We will also keep you apprised of the status.

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We will be happy to help you set up your smart phone system or we can have a trained professional come out and consult with you on it.

Learn more about setting up a smart home system.

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