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Let’s talk more about the Smart Water Valve + Meter

Posted on: April 9th, 2021

In our previous post, we highlighted a few examples of how an Alcom Smart Home Security System can get you through these winter months. One of the cool features is the Smart Water Valve + Meter technology. Leaks and busted water pipes are no joke. And it seems like it always happens at the worst time – you’re out to dinner, on vacation. Whatever the time, you’re usually nowhere near home. Enter the latest in cutting edge technology, the Smart Water Valve and Metering kit.

One of the biggest issues with a leak or busted pipe is turning off the water immediately before further damage is done. This meter is connected at your main water source. When leaks are detected, it will automatically close the valve and shut off your water and notify you via the app of the issue. Below is a graphic of how it is hooked up to your main water supply.

outline of the smart water meter from alarm.com

This system also monitors your water usage. Via the app as well, it will keep track of how many gallons are being used per day. The water management system that’s built in goes further by helping spot issues you may not see like leaks with your ice maker or washing machine or toilets that continually run. It will then notify you when it detects excessive usage to help you conserve water and save money. It will even send you notifications to remind you when temperatures get below freezing so you can take the steps you need to keep pipes from freezing.

Lastly, the smart system knows when you’re home. It monitors and picks up on your habits. For example, it will notice that you are like taking long showers. It will track and notify you of the water use but the actuator won’t turn off your water. However, it will know the difference between that and a toilet that may be constantly running. It will then turn of the water and notify you via the app what they have done.

This is one of the very cool features of having a smart home from Alcom Security. Contact us to learn more about getting this added to your home security system.

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